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More about us...
Little Sossus Lodge is located in the heart of the desert. We are proud to call this place our home and have been living here for many years. We care deeply about our desert home and strive to preserve it for future generations. Our commitment to the environment goes beyond just conservation; we are also passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience about the desert with our guests. We believe that by getting to know the little details of the desert, you can discover the beauty and life that is hidden in its depths.
Come stay with us and explore the secrets of the desert.
Health & Safety

At Little Sossus Lodge we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country, where the sun and our hospitality warm your heart and social distancing appears naturally in the wide open landscapes.

Since August 2022, travelers to Namibia do not have to present any proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test on arrival. 

Disclaimer: The information on entry regulations on this website is based on national regulations and guidelines in Namibia at the date of publication. Requirements may vary across various airlines and countries. Travellers/guests are strongly advised to seek advice from both the airlines and destination countries in order to avoid any losses or unforeseen hindrances to their travel itineraries.

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